Press Coverage


ELI-ALPS Laser Research Centre Grand Opening Ceremony


The Grand Opening Ceremony of ELI-ALPS took place in Szeged today. At the event speeches were given by Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary and Lóránt Lehrner managing director, followed by a presentation of professor Ferenc Krausz, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics.



THz Kick-off Meeting in Szeged

The kick-off meeting for the implementation of the pump laser of energetic THz pulses took place on 9 March in Szeged. According to the implementation strategy of the THz capability of ELI-ALPS, the parametres of the pump laser have been provided by the developer of the THz sources and laboratory, Prof. János Hebling and his colleagues at the University of Pécs.


ELI-DC Management Board Meeting in Szeged

The directors of the three ELI-pillars and ELI Delivery Consortium, the organisation responsible for their coordination, met in Szeged. The members of ELI-DC, ELI Beamlines, ELI Nuclear Physics and ELI Attosecond reviewed the progression so far, reported on the current status of the three projects and discussed the forthcoming strategy and tasks, from negotiatiing with candidate countries to participating at scientific exhibitions and conferences.



Visit of the directorial delegation of ELI-ALPS to Spain

In Salamanca, the delegation met with representatives from Spanish research centres. After the mutual presentations, new connections were formed with the attending participants Lóránt Lehrner, the Managing Director, the Research Technology Director, Károly Osvay, and the Surface Plasma Attosource Group leader, Subhendu Kahaly.




Memorandum of understanding between ELI-ALPS and CNRS

Our managing director Lóránt Lehrner and research technology director Károly Osvay signed a memorandum of understanding at the Embassy of France with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).



TRINNO project: Interregional Learning Event in Ireland 

Continuing the TRINNO project's series of interregional learning workshops to identify EU good practices, partners and stakeholders from business support ecosystems in Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia and Spain recently met in Galway, Ireland for a two day exchange event.




Dr. Henri P. Vincenti is the 2016 winner of the Wolfgang Sandner Prize

The Wolfgang Sandner Scientific Excellence Prize for early career scientists recognizes outstanding instrumental, experimental or theoretical contributions to the scientific field of extreme light research and applications.


ELI-ALPS is organizing the annual HEPTech Symposium in 2018 

HEPTech (High Energy Physics Technology Transfer Network) fostered by CERN has granted ELI-ALPS the opportunity to organize the Network’s 5th Annual Symposium in May 2018. 


TRINNO project – ELI-ALPS amongst the pioneers of the european regional innovation

The TRINNO project - “Business ecosystem for Tradition and Innovation” - promotes competitiveness in European regions by improving policy instruments for business support systems. 


ELI-ALPS became a member of the Science Link Network

The General Assembly of the Science Link Network has voted ELI-ALPS the new member of its infrastructure. Science Link is a network between leading research facilities of photon and neutron sources and their users.