Workshops, conferences


5. User Workshop

9th-10th November, 2017, Szeged


Grand Scientific Opening

9 November, 2017, Szeged


5th-9th November 2017, Szeged


2nd ELI Summer School (ELISS 2017)

27th August-1st  September, 2017, Cheile Gradistei, Romania




26th August- 1st  September, 2017, Szeged


Teacher's Course

26th August, 2017, Szeged


THz laser Kick-off Meeting

9th March, 2017, Szeged


ELi-DC Management Board Meeting

24th February, 2017, Szeged


SHHG PW Kick-off Meeting

23th-24th February, 2017, Szeged


ELI Science Day

25th January, 2017, Szeged


GHHG Kick-off Meeting

19th-20th December, 2016, Szeged


4. User Workshop

10th-11th November, 2016, Szeged


ELI Summer School 2016

21st-26th August 2016, Prague - ELI-Beamlines 

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ELI Science Day

20th-22nd July, 2016, Szeged


Ultrafast Dynamics and Time-Resolved Interactions

VUVX Szatellit Workshop

26th-28th June, 2016, Szeged

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High Time for Beam Time Information Day

6th June, 2016, Szeged

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Perspectives of ELI

31st May- 1st June, 2016, Prague

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ELI Information Day

12th May 2016, Trieste

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ELI Information Day

28th April 2016, Paris

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GHHG Workshop

14th January 2016, Szeged


3rd ELI-ALPS User Workshop

5-6th November, 2015, Szeged

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Industrial Information Day

2nd June, 2015, Szeged


Industrial Information Day

15th May, 2015, Szeged


Industrial Information Day

12th May, 2015, Berlin


Industrial Information Day

24th April, 2015, Paris


Industrial Information Day

8-9th April, 2015, London


PIPAMON Workshop

24-26th March, 2015


TANGO Workshop

24-25th February, 2015


Laser Diagnostics Workshop

5th November, 2014


Ultrafast Processes in Photosynthesis. New Vistas at ELI-ALPS

18-21st October, 2014


GHHG Workshop

29-30th September, 2014


2nd ELI-ALPS User Workshop

11-12th September, 2014



1st ELI-ALPS User Workshop

21-22nd October, 2013


ELI-ALPS I. Scientific Consultancy Workshop

26-27 October, 2012


ELI Helios II. Szimpózium

16 May, 2012

LEI 2011

14-18 November, 2011


2nd Scientific Workshop

1 April, 2011


1st Scientific Workshop

1-10th July, 2010

Ultrafast Dynamics and Time-Resolved Interactions